12 Proven Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition (And Why You Should Do It)


The world today is overwhelming.

It’s tough to keep up with all that’s going on, and it can seem like there’s another new piece of technology every day.

When we’re stressed or anxious, we sometimes turn to social media to seek reassurance from others that they’ve got it all under control, just as we do.

That’s why we often find ourselves in negative anxiety, fear, and stress cycles.

Thankfully, we are all born with the ability to access a tool to help us overcome all of today’s modern struggles.

A tool to help guide us through life and keep us on the right path.

It is our one true superpower—a pearl of ancient wisdom buried inside us.

Your intuition is that voice inside your head that you trust over your conscious mind.

What Is The Definition of Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without needing conscious reasoning.

It’s the bridging of the gap between our conscious and unconscious minds.

A great example is the intuitive feeling we get when we think something is right or wrong.

For example, your intuition tells you you don’t have money.

You probably already know how much money you need for an emergency, but your intuition knows.

Sounds great, right?

Who wouldn’t want to have more of that?

Learn To Listen to Your Inner Voice.

The voice of intuition is impressive, but it becomes even more powerful when we work to develop it.

We all have a sacred ability to grow and strengthen our intuition.

The more we use it, the more it can expand and grow.

Unfortunately, there are times when we feel so stuck we’re ready to throw up our hands and give up.

Here are the 11 best ways to become a fantastic gift giver.

Take the time to discover who you are by being an excellent gift giver.

Way 1 – Meditate: 

If you haven’t already done so, then I encourage you to take the time to start meditating regularly.

It’s everywhere, but you need to learn how to do it.

The way you mediate helps you tune into and grow your intuition.

Most people use their intuition to make life decisions but are not always good at it.

If our minds are full of the stress and worries of everyday life, it can be tough to hear the little voice inside.

Meditation helps you clear your mind, quiet your inner dialogue, and create space for your intuition.

You might have seen these simple instructions for self-guided meditation in a magazine or book.

-Choose a time limit for 10 minutes of quiet breathing.

-Pick a comfortable place to sit.

-Close your eyes and let your mind relax.

-Pay attention to your breath.

-Don’t try to change it. Instead, feel the breath going in and out.

-When your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath.

Slow your breathing and focus your thoughts on the present moment.

Make mental notes of anything that may have occurred while meditating.

Way 2 – Dreams: 

Our cognitive brain is the part of our brain that controls our ability to think.

It is only during our sleeping hours that our subconscious brain becomes engaged.

Logic and reasoning help us to override the subconscious mind.

When we rest our conscious mind, it can shut down, so our unconscious mind can show through.

A dream journal is a must for anyone serious about improving their life.

It will help you keep track of the dreams and visions that come in.

Use your bedside table, nightstand, or next to your pillow as a notebook and pen so that you can jot down everything you remember about your dreams when you wake up.

Dreams begin to fade from memory as soon as you wake up, so grab your dream journal before you do anything else.

Like most things in life, this takes practice.

You’ll get better over time at interpreting and recording these dreams.

By observing your own inner experiences and those of others, you will develop the ability to predict future events.

It’s easier to remember your dreams if you visualize yourself remembering them while you’re still Writing down this dream.

In your journal, imagine you can wake up from your dream.

Then, as you fall asleep, keep this in your head.

This is a helpful mnemonic tool to help you practice at the start of the day.

Way 3 – Feel The Nature: 

It’s easy to be distracted by technology.

But spending time in nature, away from technology, is one of the best ways to quiet the mind.

Nature has always been an excellent way to connect with our ancestors and our innate divine nature.

We come from a long line of people who rely on their intuition for everything.

As a species, we are very intuitive creatures.

Still, today, we have technology and computers that we can rely on when making decisions.

So when we spend time in the natural beauty of nature, we may also be opening our hearts to receive guidance from the universe.

Way 4 – Get creative: 

Think of something you’ve always wanted to try.

Something more creative than painting a picture or sculpting an object.

As we age, our inner voices are often silenced by a lifetime of social conditioning.

We become more sensitive to the pressures of everyday life as we age.

Tapping into this creative part of our brain can help re-ignite our intuition, amplify our impulses, and improve our

Way 5 – Get in tune with all your senses: 

Your intuition can flow through any of your senses.

A feeling of love, compassion and caring is a good thing.

Sometimes you will feel it—the taste of strawberries, vanilla, or coffee triggers cravings.

Smells can also trigger cravings.

How can you improve your sense of hearing when so many people make such a racket?

You don’t have to stop and smell the roses to appreciate how great it is to live—a good reminder to stop and smell them.

Developing your intuition will improve your ability to connect with others and see the positive aspects of situations that would otherwise be when you use all your senses.

You’re better able to develop your “6th sense.”

Way 6 – Follow your hunches: 

You can develop your intuition by testing your hunches.

This will help you understand how you can “sense” things and how to be more accurate with your instincts.

Whether you are trying to get in shape or want to start tracking your progress, it’s essential to keep track of everything.

Write down this feeling. If it seems like the right fit, then make it happen!

Your gut instinct can be as simple as seeing the weather report for tomorrow, but you feel like it will be sunny.

There are many ways to deal with an emotional challenge or relationship issue, but it may be worth looking into.

For example, you might find that a friend’s partner is giving you bad vibes or that your problem isn’t that big of a deal after all.

Use your instincts and make connections with what you’re drawn to.

Way 7 – Switch up your daily routine

The more controlled your life is, the less your inner voice is heard.

This is the first place to start if you want to listen to the quiet voice within you.

Switching things up can help you see your intuition more clearly and use it to aid in making decisions.

Slow down and get out of the daily routine.

Your intuition will reward you.

Way 8 – Replay past events

Think about a time when something went wrong or didn’t go how you had hoped it would.

Imagine it’s your first time back in that place, and everything feels right.

Did something not work out as expected?


This sentence is in the passive voice, making the reader wonder why the author used it.

If you see yourself doing something, chances are someone else has already done it before.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Learn from the experiences of others who’ve already taken the steps you want to take.

Look for the things your intuition was trying to tell you.

Way 9 – Breathwork: 

If you have a lot of anxiety or stress, learn to breathwork.

It’s a great way to quiet your mind, get in tune with your inner voice, and become more comfortable in your skin.

If you want your intuition to lead you, try this 4-7-8 method.

-Start by clearing your lungs of all air.

-Breathe in for 4 seconds.

-Hold that breath for 7 seconds.

-Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

-Repeat this process four times.

This will help with intuition, stress, and anxiety mitigation.

People always say, “If everyone practiced this simple technique once a day, we’d be much happier, and our whole world would be much better.

Way 10 – Think less, feel more

Our brain is what makes us human.

It’s what thinks, feels, and reasons its way through the day.

After so many years of this, we don’t even realize it’s happening.

We are constantly thinking.

Some are faster than others, and our thoughts can take us places.

To slow down, try to “feel” more.

Our feelings are an essential window into who we are.

If your feelings are grounded in your body, you’ll also be grounded in truth—the role of the kidney in drug clearance.

The feelings in this list can never lie.

Listen to them more.

Our body’s messages give us clues about what we need to pay attention to.

Feeling your heart beat faster, a knot in the pit of your stomach, feeling hot, feeling cold, or a tingling sensation.

You are very sensitive and a good judge of character.

You often get a “feel” for whether someone is trustworthy or not.

Maybe they are lying to you or treating you poorly.

Your physical body can feel that and alert you.

If you pay more attention to your bodily cues, you’ll be able to avoid uncomfortable, painful, or awkward situations.

Your intuition is talking to you, trying to guide you to make the best decisions.

Way 11 – Practice “sensing” people before meeting them: 

Observing others can help hone your intuitive skills.

You can put yourself in situations that will allow you to learn about others by simply watching them.

For example, picture yourself at the coffee shop, trying to imagine what the person behind the counter will be like before you speak to them or meet them.

Pay attention to all the details.

Trust your feelings.

You’ll find this helpful in almost any situation to test your intuition.

When you’re in tune with your senses, body, and inner voice.

Way 12 – Have Gratitude: 

Some of us look at the negatives in life, but we are fortunate to have everything we have today.

We should be grateful for what we do have. We all do it!

It’s so easy to overlook our health, the love of our families, food and water, our home, or our community.

Every day we should take time to appreciate a few of these amazing things we are fortunate enough to have in our lives.

Gratitude isn’t as simple as it sounds.

It takes some practice.

When we notice how many things are beyond our control, we can change our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to create more gratitude.

There are many benefits to practicing gratitude. I

t’s one of the most potent ways to improve your life and achieve all you want.

Do you realize how much the quality of our lives could be enhanced by having a few of these positive benefits?

You are amazing!

Gratitude can genuinely open many doors to a better life, which will help our intuitions.

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